Subject Re: [IBO] Connection problem
> I'm using a TIBODatabase to connect to Interbase, and the Protocol property
> is set to cpTCP_IP.
> I am also setting the Server, Path, PassWord and UserName to the apropriate
> values.
> The TIBODatabase can only connect if i'm connected on the internet !! When i
> set the Connected property to true i can see bytes flow go and back from my
> internet connection.
> If i'm not connected on the internet the TIBODatabase connection fails.
> What is hapenning ?

Are we talking W2K?

If so, I presume that you do not have a network, only
dial-up adapter.

You will need to add the Lopback Adapter to allow TCP/IP to
work via address

Add/Remove hardware.
Add a new device - No, Select from list
Select Network adapters
The select Microsoft and Microsoft Loopback Adapter.
It normally installs without a disk.

Not sure if the final step should be needed, but
You can then find it on the network and dial-up connections
Right Click and select Properties.
Then Configure
The Advanced Tab, and set Network Address to

This should be done for all machines to ensure that windows
does not break connections when it detects a network fault.
( Pull the cable out, and all local database activity stops
as well !)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services