Subject Re: [IBO] tib_grid display on query rerun
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
If your query is already open, then you can execute:


This will fire the OnPrepareSQL event and refreshes your
dataset with the newly set WHERE clause

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Thomas Steinmaurer
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""stanw1950"" <stanw@...> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> My tib_grid's source is a tib_query. If the user changes a where
> condition (in a radio group), then the query must be rerun. The code
> is below. If I don't UnPrepare it, then the onprepareSQL procedure
> won't run, which is where the "wheres" are set up. When the query is
> run the grid goes blank (including the column titles) for the time it
> takes to run. This is visually distracting. I've tried various
> combinations with disable/enable controls and begin/end busy, but
> nothing seems to stop the blanking out of the grid. Any suggestions
> would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (D6, IBO4.2.fn)
> with qry do begin
> DisableControls;
> //BeginBusy(False);
> try
> if Active then Close;
> if Prepared then UnPrepare;
> //the wheres are set up in the qryPrepareSQL procedure
> ParamByName('ID').AsInteger := DataId;
> Open;
> finally
> //EndBusy;
> EnableControls;
> end;
> end;
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