Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery slowest that TQuery (BDE).
Author Mirko's
> It sounds like you are using one query in order to process numerous
> statements.
> IBO is not optimized for this type of usage. You should write all that
> to run in a single stored procedure and pass in whatever parameters are
> needed once.
> IBO is highly optimized for server centric client/server usage.

What you mean saying that i use one query to process numerous statements?
I use a TIBOQuery that I open and close, changing the sql string, 15/20
and every executions return a single row. Every query are very simple like
"Select Field1 from Table1 where Tablekey1 = 'AA1' "

Is this what i haven't to do?
I think that 1 query that return 15 rows are faster then 15 query that
1 row, but every of the 15/20 query that i made, could be different from the
precedent query (it may have different table or different field to return).

Thank you for the answer
Mirko Guidolin

(excuse me for sending you a private mail, i apologize)