Subject [IBO] TIBOQuery slowest that TQuery (BDE).
Author Mirko's
Hi, sorry for my english.
I migrate my application changing the BDE Dataset TQuery into TIBOQuery
and I found that the program which execute many little select in little
are slowest with IBO component.
For example my men� program, when I select a item, execute 15/20 select to
load and decode the new men� page and it thake 1 or 2 seconds;
before the migration to IBO components this operation was instantaneous.
During this 1 or 2 seconds the cursor flash from arrow to "sql" showing
the execution of every single select.
Perhaps the BDE made use of cache that help it with little table.
There are something to set up in IBO in this case?
Thank you.
Mirko Guidolin