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Hi All,

What I want to do is present a GUI which to the user seems to be one table.
When the user inserts into the "main" table, the joined table is also
updated(either inserted into if the key field is not found, or updated if
any edits where done to the joined table as a whole). All fields from both
tables must be editable in for eg a grid. How is this accomplished?

Many Thanks,

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At 03:19 PM 14-01-02 -0800, Dion wrote:
>How do you fool the dataset into letting you edit a joined query?

1. Choose which underlying table is to receive the edits and enter its
identifier into KeyRelation.
2. Make quite certain that your KeyLinks uniquely identify a row.

If you need to update more than one table in the query, you will need a
parameterised stored procedure. It is not possible under SQL rules to
update more than one table in a single UPDATE statement, which is what you
get with the standard methods. In that case, you will have to override the
standard Edit behaviour and make a call to your SP your EditSQL property.
(Same goes with InsertSQL and DeleteSQL).

Also, if you are using SQL-89 join syntax, you MUST define your JoinLinks.
If you are using SQL-92 (..JOIN...ON..) then ignore JoinLinks.

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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