Subject Re: [IBO] Join edit
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 03:19 PM 14-01-02 -0800, Dion wrote:
>How do you fool the dataset into letting you edit a joined query?

1. Choose which underlying table is to receive the edits and enter its identifier into KeyRelation.
2. Make quite certain that your KeyLinks uniquely identify a row.

If you need to update more than one table in the query, you will need a parameterised stored procedure. It is not possible under SQL rules to update more than one table in a single UPDATE statement, which is what you get with the standard methods. In that case, you will have to override the standard Edit behaviour and make a call to your SP your EditSQL property. (Same goes with InsertSQL and DeleteSQL).

Also, if you are using SQL-89 join syntax, you MUST define your JoinLinks. If you are using SQL-92 (..JOIN...ON..) then ignore JoinLinks.

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