Subject Re: [IBO] (unknown)
Author TeamIBO
> Any help in how to start translating a stored proc to
> a query would be appreciated.

As long as you dont need to edit the result set, simply place the
stored procedure SQL directly into the SQL property of TIB_Query.


Then you need to setup your code to assign the parameter. If the
necessary date comes from another dataset you can use MasterParams to
link the parameter to that dataset. If it is user input then you
could use TIB_ParamEdit.

You can also use TIB_Edit or TIB_Date and simply assign the parameter
name to the ParamName property (and leave the DataField property
blank). Currently you need to tab out of those controls to have the
parameter assigned, but you can attach code to the keypress event to
call IB_Query.UpdateData when Enter is pressed.

If you do need to be able to edit the result set you need to provide
EditSQL to make the query updateable.


Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing