Subject Re: [IBO] Repost - Cache Buffers
Author TeamIBO
> The rason for this could be :
> 1.) What I have written is completely nonsens.
> 2.) Nobody is interrested in.
> 3.) My description was indefinite.

There are fourth and fifth options which you need to remember when
posting messages.

4.) The users that read the message dont know the answer and are
leaving for others that may. Given that not everyone can check
every day it can take some additional time to get a response.

5.) The message was missed. In which case your repost is
appropriate (usually best to give it at least 2 days unless you
think you mistakenly posted a new message as a reply to an
existing thread).

In this instance I was actually researching the issue because I did
not know the answer. I see that Jason has since responded but I do
have a comment...

> 1.) Setting cache buffers on the server.
> 2.) Specifying cache buffers for a database.
> 3.) Specifying cache buffers when establishing a client connection.

> Whenever multiple specifications exist the latter allways overwrites
> the former with reference to the order specified above.

Read this article which corrects the above statement (and the
documentation where it came from)...

It was actually that article which had me most confused (given the 1
byte restriction possible with the client connection).

Geoff Worboys - TeamIBO
Telesis Computing