Subject RE: [IBO] Order problem solved, now how make descending
> > As you remember I had a problem with ordering, I solved it,
> but I don't know
> > how, now I have another problem, I don't know how to order
> them descending,
> > also I am using IB_Grid, I want to assign column names the
> order item, i.e.
> > when user click on the column then it will sort ascending,
> if he click again
> > data will sort descending, is it possible?
> > thanks for your help
> It's a basic facility of IB_Grid. Just check in IB_WISQL you
> should see it.
> The only problem is to set up the ordering page correctly.
> Check the help for adding DESC to the ordering options.
> IBO will give you selection arrows in the column header when
> it's working, and mine all run nicely.
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> Lester Caine
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yes, I had discovered it by trying again and again, it works well, thanks to