Subject Re: [IBO] Order problem solved, now how make descending
> As you remember I had a problem with ordering, I solved it, but I don't know
> how, now I have another problem, I don't know how to order them descending,
> also I am using IB_Grid, I want to assign column names the order item, i.e.
> when user click on the column then it will sort ascending, if he click again
> data will sort descending, is it possible?
> thanks for your help

It's a basic facility of IB_Grid. Just check in IB_WISQL you
should see it.

The only problem is to set up the ordering page correctly.

Check the help for adding DESC to the ordering options.

IBO will give you selection arrows in the column header when
it's working, and mine all run nicely.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services