Subject Re: [IBO] loosing records Help
Author Daniel Bertin
I will implement this right away, and at the same time I'm reading the IBO
manual, I have to get up that learning curve quickly, since my users are
loosing records.

thanks again for your input, I will report back.

At 09:32 AM 11/01/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>At 07:06 AM 10-01-02 -0800, you wrote:
> >I assign some flags, then assign the field values to variables.
> >then insert a new record and assign it's field with the variables and post.
> >I think this is where i'm not posting correctly.
> >
> >but you mention a IBOdatabase component, I don't have one in my datamodule
> >, can that be a problem, how do connect/use a IBOdatabase and i have a
> >transaction component , or is the default transaction ok, and how should I
> >use it?
>If you are using a transaction component on its own, and ignoring it, then
>your work is never being committed, since its Autocommit setting defaults
>to False.
>USE A TIBODATABASE PLEASE. (You *can* add extra transactions to it later,
>when you understand better how transactions work...)
>This is the equivalent of the TDatabase in the Delphi VCL. It is a
>connection with one embedded transaction. Its default Autocommit setting
>is True.
>Set it up as follows:
>Path - the local path on the server machine where the database resides,
>e.g. c:\databases\DansDB.gdb
>Protocol - cpTCP_IP (or cpLocal if you are using local interbase)
>Server - name of your server
>After that, go up to DatabaseName and enter a short, friendly name in
>place of the full path that currently appears there, e.g. DansDB or
>whatever you like.
>Now, go to each data access object in turn and
>1. select this name for their DatabaseName property.
>2. replace their IB_Transaction setting with <default>.
>3. replace their IB_Connection setting with <default> if it is not already
>4. If you have a IB_Connection in your datamodule, comment out any of its
>code handlers and remove it.
>(You will want this code on the equivalent handlers for your database object).
>Next, search your handler code for any references to your current
>transaction and comment them out. (Leave the transaction there for now,
>it won't eat anything).
>IBOTransaction has most of the properties and methods of the
>TIB_Connection and TIB_Transaction classes so consult their documentation
>for the detailed help if you don't find it under TIBODatabase.
> >this application was a conversion from a progress DB,BDE to IBO and IB/FB
> >and I not to familiar with the workings of IBO(obviously,but learning)
> >can I still insert IBODatabase and connect in the datamodule?
>Yes, if you are using a datamodule, that's the right place for it to be.
>Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)
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