Subject Re: [IBO] ICS error
Author Daniel Bertin
Thanks for that Helen,

How does the client recover from a ISCError? presently the program is stuck
in the error message and needs to restart. Can I get away from that?


At 01:35 PM 09/01/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>At 03:24 PM 08-01-02 -0800, Daniel Bertin wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >I need some help here, I know I'm a newbie , I purchased the IBO manual, I
> >looked at the samples, into the help file and I cannot find any information
> >on how to structure my code to capture these ISC errors.
> >
> >could someone point me in the right direction, i'm wanting information
> >where to put the code , in the onerror event of the connection, onposterror
> >event of the table ,is there any documentation where should I.
>I saw your earlier message and immediately added "Trapping errors" to my
>list of Tech Info sheet projects. I think I should do this ASAP.
>In the meantime, look at how you can use a TIB_SessionProps to help you
>extract information from a database error event. Particularly look at the
>structure of the TIB_ErrorEvent which is loaded with the stuff that comes
>through to the client from the database when an error event occurs (see
>the OnError event of TIB_SessionProps).
>TIB_ErrorEvent = Procedure(Sender: TObject;
> const ERRCODE: longint;
> ErrorMessage,
> ErrorCodes: TStringList;
> const SQLCODE: longint;
> SQLMessage,
> SQL: TStringList;
> var RaiseException: boolean
> ) of object;
>These arguments are all surfaced as properties of the EIB_ISCError class
>(or EIBO_ISCError in the case of the TDataset-compatible components).
>You would write a handler for OnError that reads the parts of this
>structure that you are interested it and provides sets of handling
>behaviour for any that you know are likely to occur.
>To find out the errorcodes and SQLCODES, refer to the InterBase Language
>Reference manual (LangRef.pdf) which has a whole chapter, including a
>complete reference list.
>At least it might get you going on what to look at, so you know what
>questions to ask next and I know what issues will be important to cover in
>the TI sheet. :)
>Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)
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