Subject RE: [IBO] Digest Number 790
Author Bill Morrison
-->I would REALLY like to see the quality of problem reporting raised up a
notches. There is a lot of needless floundering because of a dearth of basic
information that comes along with problem reports.

If I might suggest that you come up with a small Template Form that contains
the basics that you and the rest of the experts would like to see with each :

Compiler Version : Delphi 5 Professional
OS : NT 4 Workstation SP6
IBO Version :4.x.xFe
Interbase/Firebird Version : FB RC2
Dialect : 3
Components Impacted : TIB_Query
CallStack (If Applicable) :
Problem Description/Error Codes :

Having a little checklist to go down and fill out then append to their
e-mail might prove beneficial, especially for newer users. You may even want
to consider having a page on your website that describes where to get the
basic information from (some haven't had an occasion to learn about
callstacks and how to copy them into an e-mail).

Just my 2 cents worth.

Bill Morrison