Subject Re: [IBO] Digest Number 790
Author Jason Wharton
> I think I'd fit in well then - pity I've a very long way to go before I
> could make a useful contribution.

You already have. People that find a problem that stick to finding a
solution are far more helpful that those who pander off and take up another
set of tools only to walk away from its glitches.

I dare say it will be of equal if not more benefit on the whole of things to
have people clearly document their problems and perform due diligence to
isolate them and then clearly and concisely report them to us. This is the
refinement process from the masses that a few experts can never accomplish.

The more people learn how to research and report problems the more the
experts can help. Otherwise, what else can an expert go on?

I would REALLY like to see the quality of problem reporting raised up a few
notches. There is a lot of needless floundering because of a dearth of basic
information that comes along with problem reports.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ