Subject Re: [IBO] tib_ vs. tibo
Author Helen Borrie (TeamIBO)
At 03:59 AM 08-01-02 +0000, stanw1950 wrote:
>We have decided to convert to ibobjects in stages and not all at once
>(since our application is too large and complicated). Assuming ibo
>can coexist with bde, is it better to go with the tib_ components or
>the tibo components? I know that some 3d party components (which we
>use) would only work with the tibo components. Are the native
>components faster then the tibo ones? Thanks.

While I agree with Geoff about the long-term benefits of using native TIB-* components, I'd like to have a little say about your concept of keeping the BDE around...

Although it is possible, it's not necessary. The TIBO* components give you 100% emulation now and your best bet is just to let the BDE go. Conversion is dead easy and it is sooooo easy to kiss the BDE good-bye!

I do hybrid applications - mixing TIB_* and TIBO* regularly. It really does give you the best of both worlds, especially if you are not ready to let your TDatasource-compatible controls go. I make hybrids when I need to output QuickReports. I have some descendant classes that I don't want to part with yet...I'm not concerned about most other controls (with the possible exception of the DevExpress tree comps).

You could say that I have been all the way with all-native apps and then have retraced the path to inject some useful things that I can do by incorporating TIBO and some TDatasource controls...

Helen Borrie (TeamIBO Support)

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