Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Instant Setback
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:11 PM 07-01-02 +0200, you wrote:

>I did understand all that. I am not modifying any of the components'
>properties.The only change I made to the entire Tutorial source code was in
>the very first line, where I substituted the name of an existing database
>(e.g. fullpath\employee.gdb) for Extract etc. Under these circumstances
>srcMain should not be executed.
>Note also that the error message does not say the database cannot be found,
>but that the user does not have permission to open it.


This doesn't sound like an InterBase error, but could you give the exact, full message? It could be an ACL permissions error - that the Windows user you are logged in as does not have permissions to the directory where the database file is. One CONNECTS to a database, one doesn't OPEN it. If the DB file isn't open, the server will open it for you if your login is successful. requested -

I did (I think) exactly what you did: I substituted this for the first line in the FormCreate:

FDBPath := 'e:\FooledYa\murphy.gdb';

All went fine, no errors.

Just to be sure, next I made a little alteration here:

procedure TfrmTutorial1.cnMainBeforeConnect(Sender: TIB_Connection);
with Sender do
if ( Protocol = cpLocal ) and not FileExists( FDBPath ) then
with scrMain do begin
IB_Connection := cnMain;
IB_Transaction := tnMain;
end; { with }
end else Showmessage(cnMain.DatabaseName); <---
//end; { if }
end; { with }

As expected, the message appeared each time I clicked the Connect button on the ConnectionBar...

Did you make sure that you set PasswordStorage to psNotSecure?

Are you certain your SYSDBA password is 'masterkey' and not 'MASTERKEY' or some other thing?

All that apart, I am baffled about what might be going on on your system...


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