Subject Re: Instant Setback
Author Technisoft
At 17:52 06-01-2002 +0000, Helen wrote:
>In BeforeConnect, if the Protocol is cpLocal, it tests to see if the
>database Tutorial1.gdb exists in the project directory. If not, it
>creates it using a script.
>Regardless of what you put in the Server, Path, UserName and Password
>properties, it's going to use that GDB because, in FormCreate, it calls a
>routine called InitializeConnection, which overrides everything. It sets
>the Server name to empty string as well, guaranteeing that the Protocal
>will always be cpLocal.

I did understand all that. I am not modifying any of the components'
properties.The only change I made to the entire Tutorial source code was in
the very first line, where I substituted the name of an existing database
(e.g. fullpath\employee.gdb) for Extract etc. Under these circumstances
srcMain should not be executed.

Note also that the error message does not say the database cannot be found,
but that the user does not have permission to open it.

I appreciate your having taken the trouble to dig out the source code. Now
if you'ld be kind enough to replicate the change I made, and see what
happens .........

If it weren't for employee.gdb, I'd suspect something in the way I create
databases (IBX). I do get this message the first time I create a new one.
But then if I exit the application and re-enter the problem goes away.