Subject AS YOU WERE...WAS Re: [IBO] Re: Instant setback
Author Helen Borrie

Here is what is going on (after all!!!)

In BeforeConnect, if the Protocol is cpLocal, it tests to see if the database Tutorial1.gdb exists in the project directory. If not, it creates it using a script.

Regardless of what you put in the Server, Path, UserName and Password properties, it's going to use that GDB because, in FormCreate, it calls a routine called InitializeConnection, which overrides everything. It sets the Server name to empty string as well, guaranteeing that the Protocal will always be cpLocal.

(I thought I'd better sniff out the code when I noticed that the file dates on the other two databases didn't change when I thought I had been connecting to and disconnecting from them...)

If you read the comment text in the form unit, you'll see what's going on there...


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