Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
Author Artur Anjos
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From: Kaputnik

> Well, then what about a simple hall of Fame on the IBO Website?

> I suggested the TeamIBO thing initially for the following reasons:
> I think it is a nice Award (without monetary things at all, never
> this one) to show simply the respect for the contributors continuous
> in supporting other team-members. Just a way to say Kudo's to them.
> It's also a nice Guideline for newcomers to the list. if they see TeamIBO
> the Signature, they know the Person answering is a well established and
> respected member of this group and his word counts. Such things may be an
> orientation mark for newcomers sometimes.

That's the all point! The suggestion to be us, developers, to legitimate the
TeamIBO was following your ideas. The idea to have 'strong' rules also:
let's make VERY difficult to someone to belong to this group. That way, our
recognition of their work will be higher!

But let's do it. My post was to remind everyone that this is a very
important subject.

Artur Anjos