Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
Author Kaputnik
Well, then what about a simple hall of Fame on the IBO Website?

I suggested the TeamIBO thing initially for the following reasons:
I think it is a nice Award (without monetary things at all, never suggested
this one) to show simply the respect for the contributors continuous efforts
in supporting other team-members. Just a way to say Kudo's to them.
It's also a nice Guideline for newcomers to the list. if they see TeamIBO in
the Signature, they know the Person answering is a well established and
respected member of this group and his word counts. Such things may be an
orientation mark for newcomers sometimes.
Third, in cases of Jasons Absence (when e.g. he decides to again reproduce
himself or at work there is too much load) there are Authorities visible to
even newcomers to help out.

A Hall of Fame in the IBObjects Website could provide the same means.
I was thinking (as suggested in my last post on this matter) that people are
nominated by Jason and no one different. He should decide who is eligible,
as he's the boss.

CU, Nick