Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
Author Geoff Worboys
> 1) I have proposed that the TeamIBO members should be choosed by us,
> IBO users. Jason agreed with that, but no feed back from anyone.
> This was a proposal, something to be discussed.

> 2) Nick proposed creating a poll in the IBO-area on yahoogroups and
> let the people propose Yes or No. Again, a proposal, something to be
> discussed.

Being one of the initially nominated I have kept out of this til now.
I felt that my comments may be deemed inappropriate. However since you
would like further discussion here I am. I do have a few concerns...

* I am not entirely sure about the selection process. Does anyone know
how the TeamB etc members are chosen?

Lists such as this tend always to have a relatively small core of
consistent contributers, the remainder coming and going as time and
interest permits. This is normal and not a critisism of users that
participate less often, we all have to allot our time according to
our own priorities. However this nature makes it difficult to have
meaningful polls.

* The process of nomination, voting and then acceptance or rejection
opens the possibility of offending people.

A more private mechanism, for example between Jason and other
'TeamIBO' members, may allow such a process to proceed with less risk.
Indeed it is the regular contributors that generally know how helpful
another person has been over an extended perioed.

It may be appropriate to also introduce some more tangible measure of
eligibility - such as length of time a person has been involved.

* I suggest that 'TeamIBO' should not be associated with any form of
physical/monetary reward - the existing Trustware concept is
sufficient to reward significant contributors. IMO anything more again
opens the doors to possible dissent within the group.

I do appreciate the compliment of being one of the people nominated in
this discussion but it is a bit like the people you see accepting
Oscars and other awards, trying to thank everyone by name, and
sweating in case they have missed someone and so offended them :-)

This has been a consistently friendly, helpful and courteous group.
Jason expresses his appreciation to contributors well and regularly,
the mere fact of regular contribution makes the current core
contributors (implied 'team ibo') fairly obvious to all.

If you proceed with this I would of course wear the 'TeamIBO' badge
with pride. I just dont feel that it is necessary and I worry about
the impacts of a too formal mechanism on the group dynamics. For this
reason I am reluctant to support changes that could result in changing
the nature of this group.

Just my opinion.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing