Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
Author Artur Anjos
No one more have discuss this subject. I think it's important to, so I'm
remembering everyone...

So far:

1) I have proposed that the TeamIBO members should be choosed by us, IBO
users. Jason agreed with that, but no feed back from anyone. This was a
proposal, something to be discussed.
2) Nick proposed creating a poll in the IBO-area on yahoogroups and let the
people propose Yes or No. Again, a proposal, something to be discussed.

So, everyone is sleeping here? ;)

I really don't think that the 3 first members propose need to pass into
this, I'm really shure that they will get unanymous votes from everyone. But
I think that the terms should be validate before doing something.

Wake up, IBO users! This is something we must do now!