Subject RE: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
Author Kaputnik
How about creating a poll in the IBO-area on yahoogroups.
I would create a poll for every nominee and let the people simply vote yes
or no.
If the yes-votes reach some critical mass (say 50 or 100 or so) and are more
than the no-votes, the person is in.
Polls on yahoogroups have the big advantage that only named subscribers for
this list can vote and they can not vote multiple times, so a pretty
accurate result would be given.

Creating the poll itself could be done by jason upon prior nomination from
himself or some mebers of this list in the future and then all subscribers
can vote.


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> Ok, fine. I leave it up to you folks to nominate and uphold those members
> you deem worthy of such recognition. I still will have a say in the matter
> if I think it appropriate, but so far I am totally in line with what is
> being suggested.
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> Jason Wharton
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