Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
Author Jason Wharton
Ok, fine. I leave it up to you folks to nominate and uphold those members
you deem worthy of such recognition. I still will have a say in the matter
if I think it appropriate, but so far I am totally in line with what is
being suggested.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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From: "Artur Anjos" <arsoft@...>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 9:09 AM
Subject: Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO

> My 2 cents...
> Making them TeamIBO members will be a start. I think this is a very easy
task to acomplish, and I suggested that it should be implemented rigth away.
> I could see two beneficts in a go: for the TeamIBO the official
recognition of their work, for us IBO users the benefict of could give them
something. I think that 'recognition of know-how in IBO' it's a very
valuable honour: that is something that it's gived from developers to
> So, I will suggest also that ' we keep Jason out of this '! Jason, please
let's us, IBO developers, decide about that. Making this our decision will
be strongger for them: if it is you to decide, will be a Jason's decision.
And will put the decision in good hands: it's us who get's support from
them, will be us to decide if they are valuable in it. Am I making myself
clear (my english again...)? But you must take the decision to build or not
to build a TeamIBO.
> I think the monetary problem should be discuss in another subject.
> Happy new year to all
> Just my 2 cts
> Artur Anjos