Subject Re: [IBO] Suggestion for Team IBO
Author Artur Anjos
My 2 cents...

Making them TeamIBO members will be a start. I think this is a very easy task to acomplish, and I suggested that it should be implemented rigth away.

I could see two beneficts in a go: for the TeamIBO the official recognition of their work, for us IBO users the benefict of could give them something. I think that 'recognition of know-how in IBO' it's a very valuable honour: that is something that it's gived from developers to developers.

So, I will suggest also that ' we keep Jason out of this '! Jason, please let's us, IBO developers, decide about that. Making this our decision will be strongger for them: if it is you to decide, will be a Jason's decision. And will put the decision in good hands: it's us who get's support from them, will be us to decide if they are valuable in it. Am I making myself clear (my english again...)? But you must take the decision to build or not to build a TeamIBO.

I think the monetary problem should be discuss in another subject.

Happy new year to all

Just my 2 cts

Artur Anjos

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From: Jason Wharton

I whole heartedly support this idea.

For certain Helen, Geoff and Lester are well deserving of this nomination
and I do not hesitate to deem them TeamIBO members. The only thing I am not
certain of is what perks or benefits we should afford them for their most
dedicated and detailed assistance they furnish here.

How about some ideas in this department. For one, free usage of IBO is an
option but I would like it to be better than that. I'd like to give monetary
reward but for some that could spoil the fun of it. It's a hard call to make
but I am totally open to ideas. Perhaps we could make a trustware
"list-support" donation which would go into a special budget to be used
according to the discretion of the TeamIBO members.

I strongly concur these people need to be rewarded for their efforts and if
nothing else, recognition of our appreciation and respect would be a very
good place to start.

Thanks for making mention of this.

Kind regards and happy new year!

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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