Subject row selective access - looking for best solution
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Hi there people!

First, and for all, I wish a very good year 2002. May all your code
compile without error!

That beeing said, I would also like to submit a problem I have. I
dont think it fits anywhere in the IB support lists I am aware of, but
we've got knowledgable people here, which I hope can help clear things
for me.

And there it is:

I have this soft I've been working on for quite a while now, it stores
various files for quick search and viewing. I'd like to add some kind
of security by type of documents.

In the db, I got the blob which stores the files, a column stating the
document type in clear, and an other one in "code". I spare you the
non related columns.

document_type_descript doc_type_id blob

management_word_doc A XXX
scanned_bitmap B XXX
QA_report C XXX
Accounting_excel_doc D XXX
shipping_forms E XXX


I would like a user to be allowed to only view *some* type of
document, as in:

username type_allowed

Regular_luser B,C,D
QA_inspector C
Big_cheese A,B,C,D,E
bean_counter D,C
foam_peanut_guy E,C,B

I plan to have an administrative applet to do that permission mix and
match, as well as create/edit/modify a user. users *may* have
password edit capabilities, but not yet.


my question relates to where should I store the permissions ?

I could create a parallel table into the database, with the username
and types allowed, which would need to somehow synchronize with the
user DB (ISC4.GDB) so when a user is deleted there, then it is deleted
from the parallel DB (via the admin applet). The admin apps beeing
the only one requiring 2 db, the client relying only on the main db


I could expand the user DB (ISC4.GDB) so everything related to a user
would be stored in the same place. It requires access to 2 different
DBs (a hot topic lately) by the client, and could bring other
surprises I'm not aware of yet.

I've been thinking about it, and asking around for advice, and both
suggestions got pros and cons. All that to say that I'm nowhere
further today than I was a week ago.

Has anyone been confronted with such a problem ?

Any advice / suggestions / pointers / URL to help me ?