Subject Re: [IBO] Error 335544721
Author Lukas Zeller
At 16:34 +0000 3.1.2002, you, rjkjfloyd wrote:
>I am getting the following error:
>ISC Error Code 335544721
I had a similar experience just today: in my case the error
was 335544726 (error reading from the connection).

It happened in an application which also uses D6 Indy-Internet
components, and it turned out that trying to send an UDP packet
to an invalid address ( using Indy caused this error
in subsequent DB operations!!

I can only guess, but it seems that strange things can and do happen
deep inside WinSock... :-(
Eventually, this bad send attempt only causes other TCP/IP operations
to delay too much, and probably interbase uses a (too?) short timeout.

I fixed my problem by avoiding the bad UDP send - and just thought this
is a interdependency of such obscure nature that others might be
interested in hearing about...

Lukas Zeller (luz@...)
Synthesis AG, Sustainable Software Concepts