Subject Re: Error 335544721
Author merlinsgirl_1999
I have gotten this error before. I had remote users getting this
message when their dial up to the internet went down or the ISP line
was saturated (happens frequently in the Chicago area). Thus breaking
the session with the database. When this happened I had the users
reboot their machine and reconnect to the internet and run the
application again. All was fine until the next break.

I believe it is because you lost your TCP/IP connection to the
server. If the server is local to your network, you may have the
power saver on your machine powering down your network card,
thus breaking your TCP/IP connection and database session to the


--- In IBObjects@y..., "rjkjfloyd" <kristinnolan@h...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am getting the following error:
> ISC Error Code 335544721
> ISC Error Message
> Unable to complete request to host 'server'. Error writing data to
> the connection. An established connection was aborted by the
> software in your host machine.
> At least once a day I will get this error.
> For example, if I click on a query and set active to true I will
> an SQL time bottle cursor for a long time and then get this error.
> If I restart my services on the the remote server I can then set
> active property to true. So...I may be able to work for an hour or
> whole day before it happens again.
> I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling interbase on the server,
> but it made no difference.
> Any suggestions?
> Kristy