Subject IB_LookupEnh and ParamName property
Author Marcin Bury

I have to tables:

SP_BANKS (BANK_ID integer, NAME varchar(20))
SP_RATES (ID integer, BANK_ID integer, DATE_OF_RATE date, NUMBER varchar(20)

for storing currency exchange rates.
On the for I have IB_LookupEnh connected to Query_Banks and a grid connected
to Query_Rates.

What I'm trying to do is to select a bank using IB_LookupEnh and get the
list of rates displayed in the grid.
I tried various combinations of master-detail relations, keylinks
keydesclinks, masterlinks, masterparamlinks and so on... but without succes

I got standard IB_lookupCombo working (this was simple - just proper example
in PriceList project)

Would someone show an example how to use IB_LookupEnh with ParamProperty ?