Subject Re: [IBO] Two databases in same project
Happy new year to everyone - now that I have woken up <g>

> > database1: path = c:\databases\db1.gdb
> > server = localhost
> > protocol = cpTCP_IP
> > database2: path = c:\databases\db2.gdb
> > server = localhost
> > protocol = cpTCP_IP

> Sorry, yes, I just looked at the offerings for Win98 and the MS Loopback Adapter is not there. (I'm on NT here). So there's one place you can't improve on with Win98, at least.

Win98 does seem to have problems in the area of loopback, so
I don't use it.

Try adding a using a machine name, and the real IP address.
The results MAY be faster, but I have been living with a
slowish local connection on those machines - I suspect it is
just W98 getting cloged up trying to swap processes as it is
not realy a multi-process OS.

p.s. For the record - MS Loopback Adapter SHOULD be added in
W2k and XP (NT seems to happen automatically on install) to
ensure that Windows does not close the local network
activity when the real network has a fault. A little trick I
found when trying to find out why W2k does not actually work
24/7 - It was not switching to local backup when the main
Frame Relay hickuped - Just switching EVERYTHING off until
you reconnected. Loopback adapter makes it better, but is
not as good as W98SE - which is why we still have to use
that for the remote sites.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services