Subject A Few Simple Questions
Author Dion
Happy new year All,

1. What overhead is involved in a close and open of TIB_Query? The reason I
ask this is I noticed in some of the examples supplied with IBO that when
scrolling a master dataset, the detail dataset(those in tabs not visible at
the time) are closed. The reason I ask this is I always thought that opening
and closing datasets, especially remote, would be time and resource

2. In most of these examples I could not find a place where datasets where
explictly closed when the app was closed. Either they are closed in the base
form(which Jason makes plenty use of), or they are automatically closed????

3. I also noticed that refresh's on datasets are done primarily when
dataset operations(ie Updates etc) are done directly on the server and not
in the client dataset buffers. I suppose it makes sense that if a user is
updating the server via the client buffer, a refresh is not necessary?????

Many Thanks,

ps Please correct any term misuse or ideology misinterpretation, I want to
learn how to use IBO the best way...