Subject Re: [IBO] AVs in gds32.dll

> I'd be more ready to be convinced that defective tools were the right place to look, if there were some assurance that each object's references were being protected by and tested in TRY blocks. The fact that the error is intermittent lends support to that view, IMO.

In my case, everthing was 'static', and the problem
presented it's self as a failure of a refresh of the main
display grid, which happened every 10 seconds. The other
threads are handling serial coms input that actually create
the updates. Sinply switching off the refresh fixed the
fault, but was not much use to the customer, so I display
the main screen in a different program and the fault no
longer exists.

I think that this is one of those problems that is difficult
to create ( probably impossible ) but I was under the
impression from other lists that Ann had agreed that it was
something that should be addressed.

If I could actually compile Firebird I would look at it
myself, but I think that getting that to happen whould be a
waste of my time at present ( I don't use Microsoft copilers
at all )

The alternative I am trying to find some time to work on is
Linux/Kylix. I have an 8 screen system and it is stable. Now
I need a port of IBO - I would rather spend time doing that!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services