Subject Re: [IBO] AVs in gds32.dll
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:42 PM 28-09-01 +0100, Lester wrote:
>This eMail has only just poped up at my end, 10 hours later,
>but I must comment.
> > If you are already using tcp/ip for the local connection (thus eliminating this as the cause) I'd e suspicious about the version of gds32.dll you are using...
> So I still
>think that even using TCP/IP for everthing there is still a
>niggle in gds32 that we can hit.

Lester, in this case the database objects are being created and destroyed on the fly and tcp/ip is being used for connectivity. I believe that, if a mismatch between gds32.dll and the server can be eliminated, then the memory conflict is occurring because of something in the module itself.

The supplied code sample doesn't show any sign of exception handling in the creation sequence. Noting that the session is being created with a nil owner makes me suspect that some exception is going on down the chain of objects that is not being caught before the session object gets destroyed by whatever external object.

I'd be more ready to be convinced that defective tools were the right place to look, if there were some assurance that each object's references were being protected by and tested in TRY blocks. The fact that the error is intermittent lends support to that view, IMO.


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