Subject Re: [IBO] AVs in gds32.dll
> we are using IBO as the database connection in a heavily multi-threaded
> application. We are using separate TIB_Session and a TIBODatabase for every
> thread (we need a TDataset compatible IBO dataset, so using TIBOQuery to
> access the tables).
> I could manage to get rid of the "cannot read from connection..." errors
> with creating the database with CreateForSession, but there is a regular
> (once in every 2-3 hours) error:
> "Access violation at address 4055EAC4 in module 'gds32.dll'. Read of address
> 00000004"

Yer, I've been there. The only way I managed to prevent it
happening was to move some of the processing to a separate
program, and message between the two. Since doing that the
system has been perfectly stable.

Fixing gds32.dll for Windows really should be a major

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services