Subject Re: [IBO] Fwd: Re: Major email problems thanks to R. Gupta
Kaputnik wrote:
> And if you accidentally use outlook (yes, its from MS, but its good enough
> anyway), you can set it up to download mails periodically, say ever 20-30
> minutes. as long as you provide a default-connection (dial up or network)
> for the pop-account, it will automatically dial-up, receive its mails and
> disconnect again. I was using this before I went flat-rate.

I have taken all IE related stuff off my own and customer
systems - we have not had any problems with the various
eMail crap that plagues Microsoft. VPOP is the first line of
defence, but I have switched of the virus checker there,
that happens after the crap has been dumped.

> Also, there are tons of free programs on the net which periodically issue a
> ping to the dial-up connection. In a normally set up Windoze-System, a just
> closed dial-up-connection will be automatically opened again when a ping is
> issued.

Another way of doing it, but you still need a reliable mail
server/reader. VPOP can be set to dial at say 6am ( when I
am getting up ) and so all my mail is ready to be looked.
And the family stuff is kept in their own boxes until they
get up and use their own machines. That way I only need one
ISP connection for all of us.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services