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> > Maybe Yahoogroups will respond by improving their anti-spam
> tools. I'd really suppose that seven
> thousand emails all with exactly the same header going out
> to one destination in a 9-hour period
> should have alerted *something*.
> That was adding to your problem? because you were being
> copied I presume.
> None of my mail was actually coming from Yahoo, it was being
> sent direct from xtra.
> > I couldn't even go to bed and leave mail autocheck running
> because my ISP has a policy of disconnecting one automatically
> after 4 hrs online. The only way to beat this is to disconnect
> and reconnect every 3.9 hours.
> I use a package called VPOP on my server which dials up at
> preset times if I am not connected and downloads all my
> eMail from various sites and distributes them to various
> local users ( my family ). No need to stay on-line and it
> keeps your ISP end low even when you are away. It's only
> UKĀ£40 for a 5 user minimum system.
And if you accidentally use outlook (yes, its from MS, but its good enough
anyway), you can set it up to download mails periodically, say ever 20-30
minutes. as long as you provide a default-connection (dial up or network)
for the pop-account, it will automatically dial-up, receive its mails and
disconnect again. I was using this before I went flat-rate.
Also, there are tons of free programs on the net which periodically issue a
ping to the dial-up connection. In a normally set up Windoze-System, a just
closed dial-up-connection will be automatically opened again when a ping is

CU, Nick