Subject Re: [IBO] DBTreeView
> Anyone know a freeware component of DBTreeview for C++ Builder 5.0 ?

I have not found one yet!

The problem seems to be that everybody wants something
different from a tree view.

I have DBflyTreeView from working, but not
doing what I want and it costs.

VirtualTree works well, and can be fed from IBO, but the
current version is getting a well ahead of the IBO add-on. I
have bodged an interface, but I don't need to edit in the
tree, so it's read only. This one is free.

I have a couple of others, but having tried them, I dropped
them, and can't spot the info on them at present.

This gets us back to TIB_TreeView in the AddOn folder. I am
back there looking at what I need to do to it to get the
information I want displayed, and the open function I need.

My application needs to be able to open the tree at a node
when a fault condition is flagged. A number of the tree
controls gain speed by only storing open nodes, so you don't
know where to go to display this info, and if you build the
full tree then it takes too long to do some actions.

Any other input from anybody?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services