Subject ANN: IBLogManager v2.0.0.20 BETA powered by IBObjects!
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hello IBO-list,

I'm proud to announce the availability of IBLogManager v2.0.0.20 BETA
IBLogManager VIEWER v2.0.0.20 BETA for a free of charge, registered
community. If you want to be part of this BETA program feel free to
me directly (support@...).

In this release the core functionality of v2.0 is nearly finished and
of testing was done and I'm happy to say that this version is already
Some bugs were fixed and names of primary/foreign keys on logging
tables can
be defined in the Prepare-Wizard.

With this release there is up now also a "Read-Only" version of IBLM
available. IBLogManager Viewer allows people only to browse, print and
export logged data WITHOUT the ability to define logging on database
objects. Very useful for people they don't should have rights
changing the
logging definition. Another great feature since v2.0.0.19 BETA is the
export/import functionality for logging defintions. For example if
you have
many equals databases on different locations, you can define a rather
complex logging schema, export it and import(execute) it on all other
databases with one step.

There is no regular download of IBLM v2.x BETA available. If you want
participate, please drop me a line and you get detailed download info!

Have fun with the best IBLM version you've ever seen :))!

Jason, it's such a pleasure to work with IBO 4.x. Thanks!

Best Regards
Thomas Steinmaurer
ICQ# 131829706
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