Subject Re: [IBO] Date Parameter
Author Jason Wharton
> I have a grid that displays a schedule with one date column and another
> column. The query has in its SQL clause WHERE DATE_COLUMN=:V_DATE_COLUMN
> that only that date's rows are displayed in the grid, and an
> IB_DateTimePicker's ParamName is set to V_DATE_COLUMN (its DataSource
> to the query's datasource).
> 1- I am obliged to set the DateTimePicker's AlwaysSearch to true, because
> otherwise the query will enter edit state whenever the date in the picker
> changed. Is this the correct behaviour?

When you change its value it does an update to the current record. This is
expected behavior and what it is designed to do.
If you are using it to select a date to provide a subset of records then you
have done the recommended thing.

> 2- 'TODAY' is the default for DATE; what is the default for TIME columns?

'NOW' - 'TODAY' perhaps?

I really don't know if that will work but you can try it.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ