Subject Re: [IBO] Date Parameter
Author lobolo2000
1- I know it might be a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway: Why does
changing the parameter have to update the record?

2- Interbase accepts 'NOW' as a default value for TIME fields whereas adding
to DefaultValues of an IB_Query TIME_FIELD=NOW is irrelevant: The query will
use null as default. Note that DATE_FIELD=NOW works for date fields. Is it a
bug or am I missing something?


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Subject: Re: [IBO] Date Parameter

> > I have a grid that displays a schedule with one date column and another
> time
> > column. The query has in its SQL clause WHERE DATE_COLUMN=:V_DATE_COLUMN
> so
> > that only that date's rows are displayed in the grid, and an
> > IB_DateTimePicker's ParamName is set to V_DATE_COLUMN (its DataSource
> points
> > to the query's datasource).
> >
> > 1- I am obliged to set the DateTimePicker's AlwaysSearch to true,
> > otherwise the query will enter edit state whenever the date in the
> is
> > changed. Is this the correct behaviour?
> When you change its value it does an update to the current record. This is
> expected behavior and what it is designed to do.
> If you are using it to select a date to provide a subset of records then
> have done the recommended thing.
> > 2- 'TODAY' is the default for DATE; what is the default for TIME
> 'NOW' - 'TODAY' perhaps?
> I really don't know if that will work but you can try it.
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
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