Subject FU:Help IBObjects, Delphi & Local Interbase
Author David Husarik
Hi Group,

First, Thank-you to Helen And Hans for the prompt
responses to my questions. I did not have the
opportunity to check for responses before leaving for
work. Work is being dumb about access to yahoo groups,
yahoo e-mail and other Internet resources.

In searching for information at web sights that I can
access, I found this:

"The server may be located either on a remote
computer, or on the same computer as the client. The
communication protocol used may be specified by the
contents of the database string. To establish a
connection using TCP/IP prefix the database with
servername (where servername resolves via normal IP
name lookup to a machine on the network). It may be
possible to use a dotted quad IP address instead of a
name, but this is dependent on the IP protocol stack

For example, to connect via TCP/IP to a server on a
Windows machine:


I thought that I had seen something like this
somewhere in the examples that come with IBObjects. I
decided to try this syntax in the Communication
Diagnostics utility.

Communication Diagnostics
DB Connection Tab

Server Information: Local Server: selected

Database Information:
Database : 0008c73a385c:c:\ib_db\w2\W2-TAX-1999.gdb
User Name: W2READER1
Password: **********

Version : WI-V6.0.1.0

Attaching ... Passed!
Detaching ... Passed!

InterBase Communication Test Passed!

I now have connectivity to the database.

My only remaining question is can I do following in
Delphi Code.

MachineName : String;
DBPath : String;
DBName : String;

Read MachineName, DBPath and DBName from the Windows
Registry. Then,

With IB_Connection1 do
DatabaseName := DBName;
Path := DBPath;
Server := MachineName;
User := UserName;
Password := strPassword;

Thanks in advance,
David Husarik

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