Subject Vedr.: Re: [IBO] IBO4 and ISAPI
Author Kurt Bilde
Hi Helen

>Have you tried using TCP/IP for the ISAPI to connect to the server? You just need to make sure that >LOCALHOST (IP addr is defined in the winnt\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS file.

No, but I'll give it a try right now... I saw that someone mentioned the problem with Borland Interbase Desktop version in an article from Borcon, but didn't realy thought of that. I thought that using the "local" gave a better perfomance, but it seems like I was wrong about that one !

>Do you have any TimeOut props set up in your transactions? Long-running transactions are a fairly
>likely cause of the performance slow-downs.
No or yes should I say... I use the default ones, but you might have suggestions for futher perfomance tuning???

>Have you thought about using Firebird? It has several hundred fewer bugs to worry about.
No but with my current expirenceses I'm on the way......

Helen, you just recived a high five from Denmark !!!! Thanks for your reply !