Subject Re: [IBO] Firebird licensing interface WAS Start Interbase when my IBO App runs?
Author Geoff Worboys
> AFAIK, the model is the same as it was with previous
> IB versions: The server can only discern whether the
> licence of the user currently trying to connect is
> past the nth number of current users allowed by
> *that* user's licence. IOW, if the user's licence
> key allows 5 users (* four connections) and 5 users
> are already logged in, this user won't get access.
> But if another user comes along with an internet
> licences, s/he will get in.

I was not speaking of user licences. In IB5 there were at least 4
different (non user) licence numbers that had to be input to enable
various features, these were named:

InterBase Server activation license and
simultaneous user license for one (1) user

InterBase Server: Client capability

InterBase Server: Remote access capability

InterBase Server: Metadata capability

I never tested without these licences numbers installed, but the
implication was that you could prevent Remote access by not installing
that licence, and similarly for Metadata.

If the hooks still exist in code, then I was suggesting it may be
possible to reactivate the code in such a way as to prevent remote
access or even to prevent alterations to metadata (which would be a
convenient way of prevent users from playing where they should not -
if they happened to get access to various utility applications).

I have not spent any time in the source and so I dont really know how
easy or difficult it would be to do a custom build in this regard - of
even if the code involved was truly effective anyway.

> Now way OT, for which I apologise; and apologies
> too for misinterpreting what you proposed.

I suppose I should stop now, or take this up on the firebird
development list.

No need for the apology about misinterpreting - we are (almost all :-)
civilised and understanding people here, and realise that these things

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing