Subject Re: [IBO] Jason get Helen to reel her neck in!! Or lose $90 000!!!
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
Mr. DelphiMan, whatever is your real name is and whatever your reasons to
remain anonymous are:

- Posting a troll is easy. Easier even if done anonymously. I think several
people have or use a nick but they care to post their real identity in a
signature or in the FROM tag.
- How long are you on the IBO-list? Have you realized that this list is more
a community than a simple support list? Even so, as a support list it's
lightning-fast in most cases. Several people try to help newcomers when they
- I know some people that consider peace and coexistence boring and feel
they should make something to inject "dynamics" in some lists. Hope you
really posted your sincere frustrations and not the first idea that crossed
your mind.
- Since this list has worked well for almost everybody, I doubt very much
Jason is going to punish or kick someone just to reap USD90'000. There's no
perfect thing and I doubt very much whether there's some individual or
company that can make happy 100% of the people that tried their products.
You just may be one of those few unsatisfied potential customer... and it's
your right and your option.
- A person that has a basic experience with Delphi is able to install a
package in a few minutes. I concede that the instructions might be biased,
outdated or misleading, but consider that the same product can be installed
on several Delphi and BCB versions. If the instructions were so bad, so
complex and so obscure, nobody would be using IBO because nobody would be
able to install it. Maybe your problem is that you aren't used to install
packages? I don't know about cases of people wasting two weeks just to
install a package, unless their IDE was very trashed. When everybody
succeedes and I don't, it's time to think what's wrong in my behavior or
knowledge. A bit of humility doesn't hurt. Otherwise, we become like that
mad man that hears in the car's radio "be careful, there's a crazy person
driving against the traffic!" and he exclaims: "How? A crazy person? There
are hundreds of crazy people driving against the traffic!". Who is wrong
- Since you have USD90'000 to threaten Jason but no small money to buy the
GSG, I think it's a good solution that someone offered to purchase one GSG
for you. Instead of consider it another offense, maybe you should consider
that such person wants sincerely you to try the GSG and then decide really
if you like the product or not.
- I think that you're right that Helen does "speed-reading" because she
participates in several lists, but previously, nobody has felt offended
because he/she was told that the GSG was available for a small fee. Maybe
the way the suggestion was done by Helen hurts you? Or maybe the sole idea
of the GSG is repugnant to you? Don't know. Anyway, the probability of
having Helen working on discouraging you from using IBO is small. Other than
"speed-reading", I don't see another cause of the mismatch. But you can
always address Jason directly if you need the last word said.
- I sincerely hope you posted in good intention but I found you to be too
heated for a sane discussion. I thank you for your observation that current
licensing schema is not a great rewards for Jason's big efforts, but Jason's
not a greedy person or he never would have pushed the TRUSTWARE concept with
the product he writes, since he has to rely on people's personal integrity
when it comes to licensing more than on complex protection schemes.

Instead of taking this email as a gratuitous attack, I ask you to consider a
few seconds that there are ways and ways to defend an idea. You could have
addressed Jason and discuss the GSG for free against several licenses, for
example. And you would have needed less words than to flame and burn Helen.
For me, the customer is right only to the point the customer is honest and
reasonable. After that point, if that customer becomes someone else's
customer, it's a relief, not a thing I will regret. I hope you will calm
down and find a solution to your woes.



""delphiman"" <delphiman@...> wrote in message
> if you are not bothering to keep the list emails for reference
> Helen you are NOT doing Jason's excellent efforts and (what appears to be)
> an excellent development any good with this kind of snide remark. I have
> reviously choked you BOTH off for your antagonistic and supersillous
> de in seperate e-mail and do not hesitate to do it again now - ON THIS
> .=20=20