Subject Re: Start Interbase when my IBO App runs?
The applications that I have created that need to check for the IB
server are run on a single machine in local mode under Windows so that
is why I use the routine to start the server if it is not running. I
do a minimum install of IB, just enough to work with my applications.
Based on these requirements I feel that there is a need to start the
server when the app starts.

I agree that if the server is running remotely then the start routine
will not work and then the customer needs to get on the phone to the
system administrator to get the server started.

Just my $0.02....

Gerald S. Brown

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Riho-Rene Ellermaa" <r.ellermaa@h...> wrote:
> I wonder how can you launch your IB server (which is in Linux or
> directly from your Windows workstation.
> For local computer it's simple, just run ibserver.exe when you don't
> connected.