Subject Re: [IBO] TIBO and dialect 3
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:37 AM 14-09-01 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi people!
>Sorry my poor english.
>I have a problem using TIBOTable and interbase in dialect 3.
>If I use a lookupcombobox apears an error: fieldname xxxx not found.
>This does not occur if in dialect 1.


In Dialect 3, all identifiers (table names, column names, generator names, etc.) that have been defined with double-quote delimiters are case-sensitive. So, if you made a table

"Acol1" integer not null,
"ACOL2" varchar(10)




both will return this error. Correct the case of the identifier and you will be OK.

IMO, it's a REALLY good idea to avoid a database manager program that forces quoted identifiers into your DDL. You DON'T NEED quoted identifiers except on objects whose names either (1) include blank spaces or (2) use reserved words.


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