Subject RE: [IBO] Jason get Helen to reel her neck in!! Or lose $90 000!! !
Author Norman Dunbar
Pardon me for jumping in here, but ....

Delphiman wrote :

>> I am 62 - have been in IT for 36 years - and have EMPLOYED people like
>> in the past. THEY didn't DARE to talk to me like this - and neither will
>> YOU!!

How many of them stayed in youe emply then ? If I disagree with my boss, I
say so and he and I discuss things in a civil manner. Your comments above
sound typical of some of the 'older generation' to me - you know, the ones
who refuse to say 'thank you' when doors are held open for them, or seats
offered on public transport. The ones who believe that the world owes them a
favour etc. Take it from a 'youngster' (40 ish) manners cost nothing.

Of course, you might be different, but I noticed a decided change of tone on
this news group community when I returned from two weeks away on holiday,
and I'm afraid, your tone was not very pleasant or helpful, only
antagonistic and this dosesnt help anyone.

>> I remind you AGAIN
>> that I have struggled and persevered with IBO. Losing TWO WEEKS in the
>> process - merely to get it INSTALLED. TOTALLY because of BUM
>> "HowToInstall.txt" instructions (which I understand YOU wrote) and an
>> installation kit (as prepared by Jason) that COULD NOT work for Delphi4
>> Professional.

Out of interest, when you first staretd using Windows/Delphi/Whatever, did
you have to read anything, learn anything etc ? I don't use Delphi mutch as
I have C++ Builder and installing into that is sometimes not as straight
forward as installing into Delphi, but I managed simply by following the
instructions in the How To Install text file - what problems are/were you
having? I believe that changes in D4 have caused a few problems in the past,
and not just with IBO.

>> As it is I and my team don't have the time to waste on a long
>> "learning-curve" - involving a lot of reading and studying stuff that is
>> ultimately going to be useless to us anyway. And under the circumstances
>> believe it to be a good idea for BOTH of you to solve my problems
>> "as-and-when" I hit them.

I'm afraid I don't see how you can possibly be in a position to LECTURE on
IBO to anyone when you don't appear to understand it or learn it for
yourself yet. I personally, would not spend any money for training when the
trainer appears to know less than the students (or as much as them).

I've been using IBO for some time and have had many problems - all of my own
making I hasten to add - because the way things are done in IBO is different
to what I was used to doing using BDE etc - it is a totally different system
and this must be understood before trying to get too far advanced.

>> Apologise to me - ON THIS LIST.

May I politely suggest that you apologise instead.

>> URGENTLY send me the this wretched "Getting Started Guide " FIFTHwith -
>> which I REFUSE to pay anything. IBO having already wasted enough of my
>> time - which exceeded $25 whatever LONG ago!!

It sounds like you are having problems (and from your past posts, even with
simple DELPHI code in the very first sample) so I suspect you are not in any
position to be lecturing anyone on DELPHI or otherwise - I may be wrong. (Is
FIFTHwith like FORTHwith plus VAT (or GST) then :o) )

>> And may God help you if it is
>> of the same poor quality as the garbage in the "HowToInstall.txt".

The GSG is of excellent quality - I am a hobbyist, I don't use Interbase or
IBO for anything other than my own learning, however, I have contributed to
IBO by translating the GSG code into C++ for those of our community who use
C++ as opposed to Delphi. I paid my own money for a copy of the GSG because
I am a firm believer in (a) supporting this sort of development (b) learning
how to do things properly before jumping in with mega-applications and/or
teaching others how to do things (c) Ranting and raving about how xxx
doesn't work when it is clear that it is I who doesn't knwo what I am doing.
etc. I also have a large collection of Oracle books and C++ books to assist
me in my job - I had to pay for those as well.

>> And DON'T push your luck with me ANY further Helen!

Completely uncalled for.

I realise that you are upset at having spent two hours installing IBO, but
to be quite honest, your attitude and tone leaves a lot to be desired.
Hopefully, you will get your problems sorted out, but may I RESPECTFULLY
suggest that you change the way you 'say' things - otherwise all that will
happen is that no-body will be interested is helping you out at all. There
are a lot of non-english speakers on this list who may not fully understand
your comments either and this could lead to even more misunderstandings.

This is an excellent support list, provided free of chanrge. The people on
this list give lots of help in their own time (and by implication, this
costs them money too) and usually the answers come thick and fast. Try
getting that level of support from Borland (apart from on their NGs as well
where the assistance is also provided by volunteers) or Microsoft.

Can we please be civil to each other on this list because this gets things
done much easier, and with less of these types of emails.

Kind regards,

PS. Can we also reduce the amount of quoting we do as well when replying :o)