Subject Re: a way to store "last accessed date"
it feels ackward to reply to one own messages :-)

judging from the anwsers I got, I feel that I did not made myself
clear enough, and I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Thing is that I am storing blobs (bitmaps) into the table. I would
like to find a way to archive the blobs on a CD, based on the last
date that blob was loaded by the client, in a way to "relieve" the
database of rarely looked at bitmaps.

the way it is now, the blobs are stored in the same line as the data
pertaining to that bitmap (like

if a bitmap has not be "loaded" by the client after a certain time
(say, 3 months), this bitmap would be extracted from the DB, marked as
such in the table (like online:boolean, CD_ID) and stored offline, on
a removable media (CDR).

what I just remembered is that the blob is loaded "on demand", but the
line itself may have been "read" many time in, say, a grid that has a
"select *"

so, the only way I can see here is by changing the "last_access" via
the client app. this will naturally advert the speed and push the
traffic upward, but I see no other ways.

But many some of you do...

I hope I made myself clearer :-)


--- In IBObjects@y..., spou@s... wrote:
> Hi there fellow IBO'ers
> I am looking for a way to store, on each record of my table, the
> this record was last read.
> I dont really know where to start, if it is possible, and even if
> gbak utility would mark a record read on it's daily run.
> should it be done in a trigger? by the client itself ? Should I try
> going there via some kind of logs? humm...
> This is all higly experimental, let's say. So, all suggestions and
> ideas are welcome.
> TIA,
> Spou