Subject AW: [IBO] a way to store "last accessed date"
Author Kaputnik
I really do not know, why you might need such a thing, but one way (with
huge perdormance-penaltiess) to approach this would be to limit the user to
not see any tables, but to encapsulate the table-reading via stored
procedures, which select a table and based on the search-criteria the
result-set gets updated in a plain update-statement and then given back to
the user (as selectable stored proc). Be aware of deadlocks and other
Also, you could create log-tables, where the SP adds an entry for table and
PK of every row supsended in the SP to the user.

Perhaps this can help

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> Betreff: [IBO] a way to store "last accessed date"
> Hi there fellow IBO'ers
> I am looking for a way to store, on each record of my table, the date
> this record was last read.
> I dont really know where to start, if it is possible, and even if the
> gbak utility would mark a record read on it's daily run.
> should it be done in a trigger? by the client itself ? Should I try
> going there via some kind of logs? humm...
> This is all higly experimental, let's say. So, all suggestions and
> ideas are welcome.
> TIA,
> Spou
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