Subject Re: Moment of reflection
Dear Jason,

We have been in the City of London (Square Mile and Canary Wharf)
over the
last two days and the feelings are both of support for the US, at
this very
difficult time, and sorrow at the tragic and as yet unconfirmed
losses that
the US and the international community have suffered in these barbaric
attacks. It is estimated that 'hundreds' of UK citizens have lost
lives and it is very likely that we have lost friends and business
colleagues. Our financial centres are very close in terms of working
relationships. We are all numb with shock and frightened by what has
occurred, even as veterans of previous terrorist attacks. There was a
minute's silence today in reflection of the many losses.

However, though mindful of the possibility of attacks on our financial
centres, we are determined to maintain business as usual - though very
subdued and sad at the tragic stories and losses that continue to be
reported. We cannot let these people destroy our democratic way of

Our prayers are for all those that have suffered loss or have been
traumatised by the attacks.

We also pray for a carefully weighted response by your President and
Administration to these attrocities.

Francis Moore

--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> Right now there is a very tragic event in my country. It's likely
> thousands have lost their lives and certainly untold thousands are
> loved ones to the chaos. In case you are not aware the world trade
> have been attacked by terrorists and reduced to rubble. Airplanes
bound for
> Los Angeles were hijacked and used to crash into the buildings. The
> was also a target with less severe damage.
> I hope everyone will take a moment and lend some prayers and
meditation for
> the benefit of those in dire need.
> Thank you,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ